Skillion Carports


Carports in Brisbane are a very popular edition to any structure. Our skillion or flat roof carports are an excellent way to provide cover to your car parking bays for your office or customers.

These carports can also be made down to 1m wide to act as a covered walkway to any length.  These affordable and durable designs give years of maintenance free service and offer great value for money increasing your properties practicality. Available as freestanding or attached to your house they can be built onto a slab or with columns into cement footings.
All our carports are manufactured from fully galvanised steel C-Sections with galvanised RHS columns and a full Bluescope Colorbond range is available for selection of roof and rain goods colours.

Our easy to assemble kits are made in any size with a standard range of up to 9m clear span with gable roof pitches of 10, 15, 20 and 25 degrees, and overhangs or eaves up to 1.2m.



I am sure you have noticed storms have been getting more intense. With every year it seems the Brisbane “storm season” just grows more damaging. It used to be hail stones were a rare occurrence but now it is starting to be the norm. A few times a week it seems they will run a weather alert which has all running for cover. This makes cover for your car/s more important than ever. Not only will our carports in Brisbane protect your processions from damaging storms, but also from the sun.

We have all seen those cars with damaged paint work. All of our cars are imported these days. It is more important than ever to keep them shaded from our harsh Aussie sun. Many imported cars are not designed to withstand our Queensland climate. Hence the paint will start to fail sooner rather than later if you leave it for the elements.

Our carports in Brisbane are the perfect solution to protect all your valuables. We have building professional carports for over ten years. Contact WELL Built today for a free quote.






If you have a requirement that you don’t see listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to discuss other options and ideas with you. We are on the job from concept to completion. From the planning, to the slab and eventual build, WELL Built Sheds & Carports have you covered.


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