Industrial Sheds


No matter what size of building or for what purpose, a strong industrial building will suit any purpose. Whether you need a factory or a new open space roof for a sports centre, we can tailor a solution for you.

Our industrial sheds are built with either strong I-Beam columns and rafters or a welded-web truss. Backing the truck into one of these sheds is going to do any damage – except to your ute.

All industrial sheds are built with strong Z-Sections for the purlins and girts with welded cleats for attaching. The frame need to be crane lifted into place but the frames are fully constructed ready for the sheeting.

The strength of the I-Beam/Web Truss combination allows you to pull big spans for storing the tractor, installing a crane rail or even as an aircraft hangar.


Your Business Needs Our Industrial Sheds


At Well Built Sheds & Carports, we understand that how people and businesses use sheds differ depending on their storage requirements, budget, interests, and needs. That is why we create industrial sheds that are customised to meet the needs of different businesses, be it a school, a restaurant, a manufacturing firm, and even retail shops. Here are 5 companies that need our industrial sheds:


Agricultural Business

Sheds of different farm businesses for storing hay, crops and machinery and any other item in a way that is safe, easy and reliable. Apart from keeping your products and machinery dry from the rain and snow, these sheds also provide extra protection of cladding, which also allows for safer and easier loading.


Industrial Warehouse

When building industrial warehouse sheds, it is crucial that we have the right layout to ensure proper access and storage. From gantry cranes to UB columns, access, trusses and sliding doors, Well Built Sheds & Carports offers you the chance to create an operation driven layout to help you meet your business objectives and operational needs.


Aircraft Hangar

You can guard your aircraft with a fully fabricated steel shed from Well Built Sheds & Carports. Whether you are running a plane charter business, or simply need extra space to store your company jet, we offer personalised aircraft sheds/hangars for the pure storage of both small and large planes. We strive to build unique, customised spaces that will contain your aircraft and your budget.


Recreational Business

At Well Built Sheds & Carports, we are not only renown for our ability to build sheds that are practical, efficient and cost-effective, but also for making sheds with a very high aesthetic appeal. Whatever your recreational business is, we can build sheds that are designed to impress your customers as well as serve to maintain their functionality and usability.


Retail Business

We can also construct steel structures that can serve as premises for a wide range of commercial stores. We understand that the flexible use of these stores is paramount. Hence, we fully customise them to meet the needs of your business. Whether it is a gardening business, a marine or boating shop, or even a hardware business, we can design a shed to work for your particular business venture.


Horticultural Trade

If you are in the horticultural market, you probably know how important storing and distributing is to the success of your business. It is for this reason that we use our experience and capacity to build and design horticultural sheds that meet your business needs.

An industrial shed is one of the best investments that you can make for your business. Their benefits far outweigh the benefits of renting out residential properties due to their low cost and high return potential.

At Well Built Sheds & Carports, we specialise in manufacturing personalised industrial sheds to suit your business’s needs, ranging from agriculture, industrial, dairy and feedlot, education, horticulture or equine. Contact us today to find out our extensive range of industrial sheds and design options that suits your company.