Best Sheds In QLD 2019

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Best Sheds In QLD 2019

best sheds in qld

Sheds offer an affordable, environmentally friendly, and down-right chic alternative to traditional stone built housing. They offer the most practical way to upgrade your property without punching a hole in your pocket. What’s more, these sleek dwellings often offer more than simple storage or workshop space. Depending on the size and design you choose, you can use them as an office, guest house, yoga studio among other things. If you are looking to invest in extra outdoor storage, below are 5 of the best sheds in QLD 2019.

Here Are A Few Shed Ideas

Skillion Shed
Skillion sheds are some of the best sheds in QLD 2019. This little shed is perfect for the side of the house where space is limited. It is ideal for storing garden tools, pottering around, storing kid’s bikes and toys. A skillion shed means fewer gutters to worry about cleaning due to its flat angled roof, which also gives it a contemporary, minimalist architectural look. Its overall height is kept to a minimum, keeping your neighbours happy.

Timber look-alike Shed
This shed is loved for its spacious its historic feel and high pitch roof design that allows for loft space in the roof beam. It offers a balance of functionality and minimalism to your outdoor space. This shed creates the perfect garden tool shed. You can also have it built to residential construction standards and actually live in it.

This shed can also be used for storing pool equipment and kid’s pool toys. At Well Built Sheds & Carports, our skillion sheds are built using authentic Australian BlueScope steel. Hence, you can rest assured that the shed will rave through the harshest Australian conditions as it is made to last. We have a wide range of colours for you to choose from. You can even opt to match your skillion shed to your surroundings.

Lasting Protection From Storm Seasons

Single Garage Shed
This shed is ideal for the household that needs just a little extra space. The single garage shed is perfect for storing lawn equipment, the kid’s extra car, bikes and scooter, trailers or stuff that you just no longer have room for in the house.

best sheds in qld

It is also a great value add to any property. You can count on it to add a few extra dollars to your pocket when you decide to sell. Our single garage sheds are also built using genuine Australian-made BlueScope steel to guarantee endurance even during the harshest Australian conditions.

MiniBarn Outdoor Shed
This is a popular, up and coming choice when it comes to economical wooden sheds that will stand the test of time. The MiniBarn Outdoor shed is recommended for those who just need to get something under roof. Although the shed does not offer much interior space for you to stack things against the wall, it offers good value for keeping your garden or lawn tools safe. The sheds have been adequately tested for standing against termites, heat, longevity, and weather.

best sheds in qld

Modern Shed
This is the ultimate modern backyard shed. Modern shed features high-quality doors, fibre, cement siding, insulated windows and a design that is built to last for years. Whether you are looking to create a personal oasis where you can think, design and create or simply store stuff in class, we customise the modern shed for whatever your need might be.

Classic Shed
To date, this is the most popular best sheds in QLD. The classic wood shed comes with a few design tweaks that make it look a little bit more modern. It has large windows, wider overhangs and a steeper roof pitch which adds to its aesthetics. This shed is durable, easy to maintain and looks great in any outdoor space.

Adding more space to your home has never been easier, thanks to the rising popularity of free-standing sheds. However, you need to take your time when choosing the shed that best fits your needs. If possible, make sure the shed complements your existing architecture, whether it is a rustic or more modern look.

At Well Built Sheds & Carports, our sheds are built entirely within a factory and delivered to your front door. They are then installed quickly without the disruption of a traditional remodel. We think they are among some of the best sheds in Qld, and so do our customers. If you are looking to add a prefab shed to your home, contact us today for quick, tailored sheds.

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