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We’ve joined with Shed Alliance. We can now bring you the best industry prices and service in the shed market today. A lot of other companies and franchises have to pay exorbitant fees. This usually means more expensive sheds for the end customer. Shed Alliance provides us with the best pricing possible whilst allowing us to remain independent. WELL Build Sheds Qld can provide you with a better service with quality you can trust.

The Shed Alliance buying group ensures that our buildings remain at the forefront of engineering and Australian standards. This as a collective we will all benefit from the latest in sheds in QLD developments and market trends.


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shedtech Part of the Shed Alliance offering is the ShedTech quoting and ordering software. This allows us to quote and supply an extensive range of buildings to suit all customer needs. The software is Australia’s premier shed software which ensures that your shed is quoted and ordered correctly the first time. There is no wastage or shortages.
shedtech ShedTech allows us to provide you with an interactive quote in 3D. You can come in and have a coffee and design your shed in real time. You can also see the benefit and differences in cost. All the possible modifications you would like to have included in your shed are discussed.
shedtech The Shed Alliance and ShedTech combination allows us to provide you with the most competitive prices. We still provide strongly engineered buildings unlike a lot of other shed suppliers. Providing you with full bolted and bracketed portal designs at the same price. Offering for sheds put up with tek screws is not our way.


Why not come in for a quote and we can design your shed to your requirements exactly. Call (07) 3157 6018.



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